Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Get Dollar From Browsing in interADmedia

. Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hello my friends, if you like searching and browsing, there is now a new program to pay you with dollar every minute. Here, every time we are online at the website, and do a search at least 1x every 5 minutes, then will be $ 0.01.

Suppose in 1 day in our online website for 3 hours, then we will get:
1 per day = $ 0.01 x 180 minutes = $ 1.8
1 per month = $ 1.8 x $ 54 = 30 day
Not to mention, added with 10% of referral earnings. Please SIGN.
After registration a way, we must know the rules ..
Here's the rules :
1. Each one-minute browsing you will get $ 0.01
2. Every 5 minutes you are active, then you will automatically log itself out ..
3. After you have finished browsing, you MUST CLICK "CLOSE AND STOP Browser browsing", If you don't, then your balance will not be increase..
4. Payment through Paypal with a minimum Payout is $ 25 and pay a maximum of 30 days after the request aturannya: do not email to admin, if payment has not been pending for 30 days

How do we get the money?
We have the money to use to search on the website interADmedia. interADmedia pay $ 0.01 for each minute we actively search through the website.

How are we paid?
All payments made through Paypal.

What is the minimum balance to cashout?
We can request the cashout minimum balance of $ 25 or more.

How much gain from the referral?
We will get 10% of referral earnings.

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