Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easy acces to join Review stream

. Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hello friends, do you have ever heard Review stream site is a paid review program which is pay you to make a review a product or service. How it works is very simple, if our review approved by them then we will get $ 2 for each review.
Indeed, when compared with their income from ads shown on the review is very much different, and they will continue to earn money during the review that is installed on their sites. Unlike the other review sites that share the benefit of the ad 50% for each review are made. But the benefits we need not be bothered to set up and log in every day to see the development of our account.

Of course in the program there are rules. The most important thing is do not imitate other people review, or take a review from another website and change. Because they will find out if you should change the review is up 60%. So use your own creativity to create some review, dont plagiate from other website. Once more, use a good english language, if you didn't have good quality in english, don't worry you can use google translator, and don't forget to check your review before publish it.

One thing that needs to know is in this website will check for a review after we create it, and it may take 72 hours or more than 3 days to proccess the review that we make. This time does not include public holidays, so only working days only. And do not try to change the review from another website because it will surely be discovered by them. So what you waiting for? let's join to get some dollar.
click here to join

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which is very useful info. I try and thank

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