Sunday, May 17, 2009

Get Money From Create Product Review on Ciao

. Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another way to get money from online business and internet business, Ciao is paid review sites that are currently booming, this website give interesting offer for you to get the money to create a product review and rate to provide a review of the other member. Don't worry about the payment because Ciao has been acquired by Microsoft, who does not know the microsoft. Also form the community such as facebook or myspace which member can add friends, make comments, give ratings, but the message here is the difference emphasized in comments to a product or Services. Member to provide comments about a product and later another member will give comments.
You can earn dollars after making at least one review:
- Make at least one review so that you become active.
- Read a review or read other member (can be $ 0.03 - $ 0.05)
- Review its rating another member (can be $ 0.03-$ 0.05)
- Member rating others give you a review (can be $ 0.03-$ 0.05)
- frequently review in order to create more and more automated rating for you
- The more activities, read reviews, give ratings and get the rating the more your income.

This in how you can join :
1. List click here
and follow the steps below.
2. Enter a name for the login, email, the contents of the entire Form and click the "START NOW"
3. Next you will be asked for a verification email. Please check the email Inbox as a password and activation link will be sent to you by email. Click the link, so you can immediately log in Ciao.
4. Login to enter the member area. Then click the tab "MEMBER CENTER"
5. You can choose the product for you on the Review tab on the member center page, or you can enter the Product Name you wish to review the search box. I give an example with product to click "CELL PHONE".
6. On this page, you select the products eg Nokia N95 Review to give you, then you only need to click the name of the product.
7. To enter the Review, you click the "WRITE REVIEW".
8. Review you fill your stay in the box provided (minimum 120 words), and you must also complete all the required form.


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